Ensure your business has the best payment processing options.

We offer credit card merchant services that allow you to generate sales in-store and online. In addition, our merchant payment processing solutions integrate seamlessly with many of the accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales tools you already use. A huge collection of third-party plugins can also be found in the Clover App Market, enabling you to further enhance your payment environment’s capabilities.

Get a better understanding of our omnichannel payment acceptance solutions.

The business you manage may have several channels of sales (e.g., checkout counters, mobile apps, and online shopping carts). By combining our credit card acceptance services with your existing business tools, we can collect all your incoming sales and report them in a single dashboard.

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Among the additional benefits of accepting merchant payments through Fundenomics are:

  1. Credit cards, debit cards, EMV chip cards, contactless cards, and NFC-enabled devices can all be accepted by POS systems
  2.  Integrated tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) designed to protect sensitive payment information from theft and abuse.
  3.  POS accessories and peripheral devices that make payments easier, faster, and more convenient for both you and your customers
  4.  The ability to track the performance of your business with detailed reporting and analytics. Since the stats are cloud-based, they can be accessed anywhere and at any time
  5.  We offer 24/7 customer support from trained merchant payments experts who understand the unique challenges of starting and growing a business
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